The Macon County Sheriff's Office is committed to safeguarding the neighborhoods and communities within Macon County.  Speeding drivers on neighborhood streets is one of the most common complaints received by our office.  In an effort to bring speed awareness up, an Onsite Radar Speed Trailer was purchased for use within the county.  The radar speed trailer is a speed monitoring device that is stationed in areas reference speeding complaints.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office will be placing a radar speed trailer in various locations throughout Macon County, depending on previous history of motor vehicle accidents, frequent speeding citations and requests from the public.  The use of a radar speed trailer aids in educating the public, especially the motorist who may be unaware exactly how fast they are going.  While traffic enforcement through patrols and traffic citations remains an important component of our overall traffic safety strategy, the use of our new radar speed trailer will improve our efforts to reduce speeding through education.
Radar Speed Trailer
Howard G. Buffett

In August 2012 Howard G. Buffett passed the state qualifications to become an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff for MCSO. In September 2014 he was appointed a Civilian Undersheriff, a non paid position, to assist with special projects. Mr. Buffett served as an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff in Shelby and Christian Counties in Illinois and on the Sheriff's Assist Team in Cochise County, Az.    

The Undersheriff's office has developed or implemented the following community, training and public safety initiatives over the past year at no additional cost to taxpayers:
*        Development of the MCSO drug interdiction team
*        Drug interdiction training
*        Motel/hotel emergency overnight program
*        Verbal judo training
*        Police Executive Research Forum community engagement
*        MCSO/Decatur Parks summer program
*        Expansion of the MCSO training facility
*        Acquisition of armored vests and other accessories
*        Acquisition of SRT firearms and Simunitions(r)
*        Procurement of special use vehicles
*        MCSO K-9 facility and training program
*        Window tint enforcement policy
*        Public education programs for the media and community leaders
Mr. Buffett has also logged over 2,000 hours of training and patrol as an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff.